Paatal Lok Free Download Web Series is available in 480p, 720p quality with all 9 episodes in MKV Format. This is often Web Series and supported the Crime, Drama, Thriller. It features Jaideep Ahlawat, Neeraj Kabi, Abhishek Banerjee because of the main star cast of the movie. The duration time of each episode is 44 min. This is often Hindi Web Series So Watch it in the Hindi language. This is a complete BluRay quality movie with original audios.

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Paatal Lok Free Download
Paatal Lok Free Download

Paatal Lok Download 480p | 720p

Paatal Lok Web Series Info:

  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • Release Date: 2020
  • Language: Hindi
  • Quality: Blu-ray HDRip
  • Resolution: 480p | 720p
  • Episode: 9
  • Format: MKV

Movie Story:

Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary is also a washed-out Delhi cop who has nothing interesting to look forward to in his but a standard career. But that's until the day a footing case lands on his table, a case too big and important for his designation. The case turns into a dark mystery that leads the inspector into a cynical, darker realm of the underworld (Paatal Lok). Hathi Ram’s instinct tells him to research the lives of the suspects. Hathi ram discovers startling truths and insights that eventually help him rediscover his responsibilities as a cop, his place in life, and also the larger scheme of things itself.

Review By Admin:

Paatal Lok is another web arrangement on Amazon Prime that bravely embraces a fairly overwhelming undertaking of depicting the butcher of mankind in our regular day to day existence.

The provocative storyline makes a desire for a profound reflection of our ethical roots and judgment. To start with, we are acquainted with this universe of perniciousness and disdain by our first lead character Reviewer Hathiram Chaudhary played by Jaideep Alahwat.

Presently before we plunge further into the storyline, I need to state that Jaideep Alahwat merits endless honors for this exhibition. His acting victory will leave you paralyzed and requesting more.

I truly wish to see his unselfish nearness soon in a lot more ventures. Paatal Lok is a practical way to deal with depicting how the basics and establishment of our general public blossom with the mainstays of wrongdoing, contempt, and insatiability.

Since Hathiram Chaudhary is a cop, there can't be anybody better than him who comprehends this unforgiving reality. He is a vigilante whose activity is to guarantee the insurance of harmony and concordance by taking out the miscreants.

Thus he is the person who acquaints us with the three segments - Swarg Lok, Prithvi Lok, and Paatal Lok. Presently the connection to each segment isn't controlled by the amount of a decent samaritan you are however by the number of wrongdoings you have submitted.

The universe of Hathiram Chaudhary is encircled by individuals from all the three segments of the general public.

Individuals like Sanjeev Mehra who is viewed as an inhabitant of Swarg Lok as he is an unmistakable primetime anchorperson who emphatically has confidence in revealing the reality and detailing what the country needs to know.

Individuals like Imran Ansari who works with Hathiram and has a place with Prithvi Lok with his goals to turn into an IPS official. Also, Individuals like Abhishek Tyagi and his partners who are compelled to be a piece of Paatal Lok.

I gave rate to this Paatal Lok Web Series 7 Out of 10, because of mystery, and the action scene looks like a real Patal Lok download link is below of each episode.

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Paatal Lok Download Episode 1 HD Quality (118 MB)

Paatal Lok Download Episode 1

Paatal Lok Download Episode 2 HD Quality (131 MB)

Paatal Lok Download Episode 2

Paatal Lok Download Episode 3 HD Quality (131 MB)

Paatal Lok Download Episode 3

Paatal Lok Download Episode 4 HD Quality (131 MB)

Paatal Lok Download Episode 4

Paatal Lok Download Episode 5 HD Quality (122 MB)

Paatal Lok Download Episode 5

Paatal Lok Download Episode 6 HD Quality (122 MB)

Paatal Lok Download Episode 6

Paatal Lok Download Episode 7 HD Quality (119 MB)

Paatal Lok Download Episode 7

Paatal Lok Download Episode 8 HD Quality (118 MB)

Paatal Lok Download Episode 8

Paatal Lok Download Episode 9 HD Quality (122 MB)

Paatal Lok Download Episode 9

Wrapping Up

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